Successfully introduced by major brands operating in the logistics and distribution sectors, the RFID system has brought many benefits to the entire production chain, from the purchase of raw materials to the final retail stage. Unlike the barcode, the RFID TAG has higher resistance to external agents: it does not need to be placed in a visible position to be read and can be updated by modifying its data. Its greatest advantage is that it cannot be duplicated. This ensures the full traceability and identification of each product.

TAG components

The transponder can be produced in countless formats: inserted in labels such as for clothing, as a sticker applied on product cartons, or on cards that are the size of credit cards.

RFID system

Read / Write
The reader emits an electromagnetic field generating a current in the tag that powers the chip.
RFiD Tagd
The chip powered by the reader transmits all its information via an antenna to the card reader.
Management system
The IT system manages the transfer of data to and from the card reader.

How it works
The antenna contained in the tag receives a signal, which, by the principle of induction, generates a flow of electric current that feeds the chip. The tags transmit on different frequency bands, defined by ISO standards.

Various RFID applications

Tag HF & Tag UHF

When RFID technology was introduced in Italy, only the HF (High Frequency – 13.56MHz) band was allowed for communication between RFID devices. In 2007 the market was liberalized. UHF (Ultra High Frequency – 866/917 MHz) greatly accelerated the spread of technology in the country since UHF devices have several advantages over HF devices:

  • Cheaper tags (typically 20-30% less than the cost of a 13.56 MHz tag)
  • Faster communication (faster reading speed at greater distance and in the presence of large numbers of tags)
  • More powerful signal (greater reading distance)
  • More item oriented (i.e. oriented to application on single objects)
  • Scalable Technology

Nevertheless, both technologies have their own uses and there is little application overlapping in the field.