Mecstar Srl was founded in 1989 by the Carlucci family, which already owned two firms working in the field of the production of sticky labels since 1955. It was created to satisfy the new demand of electronic ticketing. Mecstar Srl now produces every possible kind of ticket: : from public transport for buses, trains and subways, to parking areas, museums, stadiums, fairs, amusement parks and access controls in general.


The company specializes in manufacturing magnetic stripe tickets on thermal paper with RFID tags. It is geared to meet the automation needs of the management systems of public transport, car parks, highways, stadiums, museums and movie theatres, as well as dozens of other applications that require the use of electronic tickets. In this way, it efficiently reduces human error in critical tasks such as access control and security.

Mecstar’s success is based on its knowledge and use of high quality support structures and magnetic strips, as well as its extensive experience in printing and production, but specifically its knowledge of the electronic systems used for e-tickets and their main characteristics in world markets.


Mecstar Srl in 2019 produced about 400  million tickets.

The experience gained through the automations that use such product, their functionality requisites, the use of the best raw materials and the special production techniques are the base of the production of high quality RFID, magnetic or thermic ticket.

For this reason, we cooperate with the most important international firms that produce access systems such as ACS, Thales, Skidata, Designa, Erg, Scheidt&Bachmann, Zeag, Parkeon and FAAC.

It is necessary to know perfectly all the features of the coding and reading systems, which are currently used in the world, to provide the customer with the best result through the proper magnetic ticket.

We sometimes test the tickets with our partners OEM’s, one or two years before their introduction in the market.



Mecstar Srl’s factories have a variety of production lines to produce tickets that meet the demands of small and large orders. Production lines operate continuously to quickly process customer orders, 24 hours a day, 6 days per week.


Production of RFID tickets HF ISO 14443A – 14443B, TAG NFC, HF & UHF labels on every kind of support material

Flexographic printing (high speed rotary) with water-based inks and ultraviolet (UV) inks with up to 13 colours.

Digital UV inkjet printing with Durst image technology offering maximum flexibility during the production phase and providing very high quality digital printing.

Surface application of magnetic strips on different supports through thermal transfer and glue lamination.

Surface application of holographic security bands for anti-counterfeiting used to certify the authenticity of the product.

Flat plane and rotary slicing and cutting, equipped with winding and folding systems, produce box-office in folder tickets, in roll and single format.

Solutions for numbering, printing of variable data and barcodes, as well magnetic stripe encoding.