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Production of magnetic stripe tickets, RFID products on various supports and formats with digital or flexographic printing. Magnetic encoding and microchip programming for automation, public transportation, events, access control, and logistics.

Present and Future: RFID

Successfully introduced by major brands operating in logistics and distribution markets, the RFID system has brought numerous advantages throughout the entire production process, from purchasing raw materials to selling to the end consumer.

With over thirty years of experience in the ticketing industry and a natural inclination for innovation, we have made the strategic decision to invest in research and development of radio frequency technology, transforming our production into Industry 4.0.

As manufacturers of HF, UHF, and NFC tags for various sectors and applications, we produce these products at our headquarters in Pomezia, starting from the application of microchips on each type of support and for various materials. Our dedicated research and development department can guide the client through prototyping, all the way to product realization.


Our success has historically been based on encoding systems for magnetic stripes, but we have gone further. Radio Frequency systems are based on data computerization, and in the digital age, we decided to develop our machinery for RFID encoding. We have digitalized every aspect of our production process, and each TAG we produce is registered and monitored at all times.

We are capable of supporting our customers with certified products, but we also collaborate in the development of integrated systems for optimal utilization of every technological aspect.

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