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The all in one flip chip IC module production system

Mühlbauer’s FCM 10000 excels thanks to its compact design, high output yield and excellent cost efficiency. This system assembles the module tapes with chips directly from the wafer through Mühlbauers proven flip chip technology. Despite a placing accuracy of ± 20 μm, a throughput of up to 9,500 UPH can be achieved, the equivalent of an annual capacity of 50 million modules.

The CMTI is integrated inline to the FCM 10000 for a fully automatic optical and electrical inspection. The CMTI’s highlight is the full control of the chip placement with high precision optical measurement of position, size and contamination of the chip bottom surface (depending on glue type and contrast). An electrical test station can be integrated as another option for ATR and functional test as well as pre-personalisation. The integrated statistics package allows a long-time process control together with all necessary data for QAM systems. Faulty IC modules are clearly marked by a reject punch hole. The 100% optical inspection during each bonding process step guarantees highest production quality.


  • High security access control with individual operator and service identification
  • Menu-driven software, available in different languages
  • Storage of process data
  • Vacuum fixing of the tape at inspection position
  • Input and output IC module counter
  • Detailed production data report (good/reject modules)



  • Adhesive application
  • Linear bond head
  • Optical tape positioning
  • Flip chip die attach
  • Final bonder

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